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Which is the style of Properties you usually use for your Tours?

The properties we usually use for our tours are clearly specified if you link inside each tour.
Sometimes are moderate, or first class or boutique depends which kind of tour you are looking for.
Feel free to ask us a suggest before start the booking confirmation: asking us is the only way to adapt also the properties/Tours on your really needs

Are all costs included in the tour rate?

You will find more details regarding what is included and what is not included in the Tour Details. Refer to each tour to have more information about

Anyway pay attention that personal expenses are not included AND we recommend also that you need some extra money to cover meals not included in the tour price, optional sightseeings, souvenirs etc, and items of a personal nature

Which is the group size for each tour?

Usually our Tours are Small Size with a maximum 25 people signed on BUT there's also tour where the maximum group size is 20 or 16 or 12 ...all depends at which tour you are looking for.

Anyway, inside each tour there's several information where you will find also the maximum people we will accept

Are all the departures guaranteed?

We reply immediately: several our tours have the depatures GUARANTEED but not all the listed itineraries.
We strectly recommend to link inside each tour to verify which are the guaranteed tours and which are the departures that are guaranteed only if we have a minimum people signed on.

Guaranteed for us means that we must have a minimum 2 people signed on: this because the departures are calculated on double/twin occupancy. Anyway ...even if you are 2 single travellers that travel alltogether in the same date/tour, even if you need single rooms occupancy, we will be able to run on the tour for you.

In your Escorted Tour, where I will meet the Tour Director? And at what time?

We provide this information when we will issue the vouchers.

Anyway we usually set up the meeting point the first day of tour-start, at the hotel hall at 7:30PM
This is also a nice way to meet the other people signed on in the tour before welcome dinner start

In case I will confirm with you the arrival transfer from the airport to the hotel, where I will meet the chauffeur?

We reply to your inquire giving also some information:

when you will land in Sicily you have to proceed through passaport control (if you arrive from an international flight) and collect your luggage inside the customs area.
OUT OF CUSTOMS AREA you will find the driver with the sign with your name

In your tours do you guarantee the Sea View?

Only if this is clearly specified in the 'Rate Includes'.

Usually in most of our tours this is an extra fee and we cannot guarantee it.

In case for you its a 'Must' ask us at time of booking to specify the supplement you have to pay to obtain this service.

How can I plan the not included meals? Do I will have enough time for my meal on my own?

The Tour Director will provide to suggest you the best restaurant or trattoria where you can enjoy your meals where it are not included in the tour.

In case you would like to organize the not included meals on your own experience ... you can do it .... and he will provide you the appointment for the departure

Can I have time for shopping during your tours?

It depends from the tour you are looking for.

Usually the Tour Director try to satisfy these needs ....but it depends from several different situation, traffic, time available left.

In case 'shopping' is for you a MUST ... like a goal to really enjoy the trip ...please be so kind to ask us to suggest which is the best tour you have to book .... or we also suggest you to book the pre or post night to avoid misunderstands.

In your tours do you organize a "Seat Rotation"?

No we don't.

And we don't book the seats in advance

I need to have the first seat in the motor coach. Can I obtain it in advance?

No you can't BUT in case this request is because you feel bad or you have vomit matters feel free to explain your needs to the Tour Director.

He is here to help you.

Can I use the toilet in the Long Distance Coach?

No, our apologies.

Even if the big size coach have the toilet YOU CANNOT USE IT.
This because in South Italy & Sicily there's not dump-cabins (if only 2 people use the toilet means that start smell inside ... and that is terrible) and it will become unconfortable for your trip inside the coach. 

We understand that for senior citizen this is really an important service but we have also to respect the other clients.

ANYWAY to help guests we provide, in agreement with our coach company,  to stop every 1,30 hours in some Autogrill to permit clients to use the toilets.

Can you provide one of your Escorted Tour for a Group or an Incentive?

Yes of course.

We are able and available to customize everything you need
... we can upgrade the properties at luxory or deluxe ... or in case you have a low budget we are also able to keep our itinerary changing the properties in according with your budget and needs.

We are here to satisfy you.


How can I have an Idea of the Price in my Country Money?

Our Services are quoted in Euros. We suggest you to have a look at this website to have idea of the price in Your currency.

Is Chat & Tour a Tour Operator?

Chat & Tour Srl is an authorized Tour Operator, Incoming Department and Incentives specialized that work in behalf of TRADIZIONE TURISMO.

Tradizione Turismo, our Company has a Full Travel Agency licence, recived from Sicilian Tourist Board Nr. 996/VII/Tur since 30 April 2001

Tradizione Turismo by Chat & Tour S.r.l. is an allied ASTA member; Has a TID Iata, ENIT allied company

Do you recommended currency for Exchange?

Since there is relatively little opportunity to change money during the trip (except if you travel alone), it is advisable to arrive with a supply of Euros to avoid inconvenience.

Where to Exchange?

Money can be exchanged in Catania & Palermo airport, Palermo, Catania, Taormina and in the main town. Ask to your Tour Director or Hotel Desk more information immediately later your land in Sicily

There's ATM available

ATM's are available in all the towns and cities
There are also ATM machines next to every bank while you are on the tour.

Credit Card are well accepted?

Yes in the large shops and restaurants. Some little shops rather receive the payment cash

Are the Travellers Cheques well accepted?


Do I have to pay TIPS or GRATUITIES?

Tips or Gratuities are never included in our trips.

The suggested amount for the Tour Director is Euros 5,00 per day and for Bus Drivers Euros 2,50 per day. Local Guides usually receive Euro 1,00 per sightseeing.

In case you are looking for an Independent Tour and you will use some Driver-Escort please be so kind to considerer tipping in appreciation of the efficiency and service you receive.

Gratuities to restaurant are never included in the bill. Cover charge is not a tip. If paying with credit cards in Italy please pay your tip separately in cash to the waiter and this should be 10% of the total bill.
The use of public toilets requires a payment to the attendant of Euro 0,30 cents. Public toilet charge Euros 0,50 cents.
Do tip taxi drivers about one euro, more if it was a longer trip.

What kind of Cloths I have to use?

Pack essentially for ALL TOURS.
Women should avoid bare arms and shoulders in Churches (scarf or stole recommended). Dress for hot conditions although light rainwear and warm jacket for night when tempertures can drop (especially in November-April). Anyone intending to visit Etna or Mountain side should bring warm clothing as snow in a common occurance

Which kind of Footwear do you recommend?

Sure confortable walking shoes and sandals

Do you recommend Sunhat and Sunscreen?

Of course during the peak season and first of all in June, July, August. We also strectly recommend to bring a two litre water bottle, torch, as well as insect repellant. And don't forget o bring also your bikini or swimming costume

How can I use my cell phone in Italy? Or how can I phone home?

• To have your country cell phone operate in Italy, contact your local cell phone company.
• Phoning from a hotel room can be costly as you will usually be charged for local calls as well as for long distance, even though you use a credit card or call “collect”. • To avoid extra charges, we suggest using a pay phone, phone card or mobile cellular phone. You can also purchase a LOCAL pay phone card while in Italy.
• To place a call within Italy, dial the complete area and city code and then the phone number.
• To call internationally from Italy, dial 00, and then the country code, followed by the area/city code & then the number.
• The area code for Italy is 39.

What do you recommend for my safety?

Of course. These are basic information to USED not only in Sicily but also if you have to travel all around the world what we do also when we travel for our vacations:

These are our MUST:
-Be careful of your purse and wallets. Pick pocketing and purse snatching can happen especially in crowed places, such as famous monuments, bus stops, and railways stations.
-We advise that you do not give money to beggars as this is a common distraction for someone else to snatch your valuables.
-Do not carry all your money with you when leaving for sightseeing or strolls, deposit part of your money in the hotel safe in your room or in the special belt around your waist.
-Have handy telephone numbers of your banks and credit card companies in the event of stolen or lost credit cards.
-Make two photocopies of valuables such as your passport, tickets and vouchers. Keep one copy with you in a separate place and leave another copy with someone at home.
-Keep separate a photocopy of your Passport.

Approximately at what time can I start the Hotel Check in?

Therefore, upon arrival, your room will typically be ready and available to you at approximately 2PM. If you want you can ask the hotel to hold your luggage till the time of check-in. Hotel check-out time is typically 10AM/12noon.

Can I have Shopping Information?

Yes of course.
-Shops are generally closed from 1:00PM till 4:00PM and close approximately at 7:30-8PM.
-Do ask about a VAT (value-added tax) refund when you purchase more than 155 euros of goods in one store. If the store participates in the 'Tax Free for Tourists,' you can get the tax, called the IVA, refunded at the last European airport on your journey.
-Keep your Currency Exchange forms if you plan to change money back to another currency.
-Ask for a receipt of your bills from the shopping establishments. By Italian Law, you must obtain them before leaving the premises. Do keep track of your purchases as Customs will ask you about them when you return to the country. 

Is a problem find eating snacks?

In Italy eating snacks is not absolutely a problem. But if you want to use restaurants, they open at certain times of the day: 12:30 PM till 2:30 PM and from 7:00 PM till 10:30 PM.

Can you recommend your tours for people have problems to walk?

Yes and No.
Sicily is a great and amazing island BUT is rich of steps and up and down.
Honestly we don't feel well when we receive these requests because is no easy for people have wheel-chair enjoy our highlights.
Is too difficult for them even if they have an assistant

What can I do in case someone of my family have allergy, vegetarian or religious matters or more?

You have only to advice us at time of booking
This because is the only way to avoid misunderstands or mistakes on the dishes choices.
As you know we usually eat vegetables, fried dishes, fish, meat, chicken and pork ...and sometimes someone of these dishes are ban in some religion or is impossible eat for vegetarians

For Italian Low we cannot share these information with nobody except with some restaurants where we have to advice it in time and before your arrival

What about Kids? Do you recommend your tours for kids?

It depends at which kind of tour you are looking for!!!!

If you are looking for historical or archaeological or gastronomy ... our opinion is that you are driving your kids to get bored

If you would like to have a tour that satisfy both needs ... please keep in touch with us for a suggest. Take in mind that a bored kid will drive also you to don't enjoy the trip a Mam that is going to give you this information!!!!


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